Random Quote:

Today there was a large crate full of cans and we had to guess how many cans there were, and the winner got a new aluminum bike.

Eric: The better question is how much money can you make by depositing all those cans?
Environmentalist: What would you do with all that money? Plant trees?
Eric: No, I'd buy an aluminum bike!


First Post 
Hey everyone, and welcome to my new blog! This was put up due to popular request, mainly to complement my 7-month co-op at Boeing SDC in El Segundo, California. The co-op starts in late January, and the blog will become more active then.
For now, happy holidays to everyone! I will be leaving for florida to visit grandparents and golf on Sunday, and will be there until New Years Eve.
To keep you entertained, I have included my apparently popular poem, which I wrote for a writing class in high school. It's called "A Cow Waiting to Be Tipped". Enjoy!

A Cow Waiting to Be Tipped

The night is still young
as I wait in my crypt.
I have nowhere to go.
I am a cow waiting to be tipped.

Earlier they came to milk me
my output waiting to be sipped.
But now the farmer is sleeping, and
I am a cow waiting to be tipped.

Chickens clucked through the evening
while the barn's wash basin dripped.
These nightly sounds weren't a disturbance, but still
I am a cow waiting to be tipped.

The lights go out at night.
My daytime visibility is stripped.
This puts me in great danger.
I am a cow waiting to be tipped.

A few kids used to visit me.
If the farmer knew, he would have flipped.
They provided me with protection, but now
I am a cow waiting to be tipped.

A group of people surround me.
My neck and tail they gripped.
It happened in an instant.
Then suddenly, I am flipped.

They force me into a truck.
And now I am going to be shipped.
I will live in a place far, far away.
I am a cow, and I have been tipped.

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